When we’re connected by pride, not even distance can keep us apart.

From big cities to small towns, we’re stronger when we’re #ConnectedByPride. That’s why we’re hosting the first connected pride parade – so people across the country can march side-by-side, celebrating equality and inclusion for all.

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How to show your pride.


Find a bold background featuring your favorite color in the rainbow flag. No logos, please!

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Get a friend to record you – or prop your phone up.

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Submit your march and invite your friends to join.

Join the march
Join the march
Connected by Pride

When we’re connected,
we’re stronger.

Embracing equality and inclusion has always been at the core of our culture. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it helps us connect to the communities we service. This year, Verizon will be at more than 25 Pride celebrations across the U.S. and in Dublin, Ireland.